5 Winter Tips For Pet Owners With Active Dogs

Are the winter months making your dog blue? Shorter, colder days take a toll on your fur babies too. Here are five of our favorite tips to help your dog stay happy and healthy all year long.

  1. Vary your dog’s routine. Boredom can kick in during the winter months. Any easy way to keep your pup entertained is to change up your routine. Add a frisbee game to your morning, try a new route, or take a surprise trip to the dog park. Even if you live in cold climates, make sure your dog gets plenty of outside time. Fresh air and new smells will keep your pet happy and healthy. 

  2. Give your dog something to do. Dogs love puzzles. Treat puzzles keep your dog’s mind working and they don’t mind the extra treats either!  Keep your dog occupied even when you’re not at home with a clever puzzle, or two. 

  3. Introduce or increase training. Obedience training is a fantastic way to improve your dog’s behavior while keeping them busy. Training can be done by you, or hire a professional trainer to really up your pup’s skills. Time training will bond you with your fur baby and help the two of you communicate more effectively. 

  4. Rotate your dog's toys. Who doesn’t like a new toy? Even if you can’t splurge on new toys, try mixing things up. Your pup won’t know if they are brand new. What matters to them is that these toys are different from the ones used earlier that day. Have a friend with a dog? Try swapping toys with other dog owners and everyone will be happy and entertained. 

  5. Use CBD balm. Use it on your pet's paws, elbows, nose, or other areas to help reduce aches and pains and moisturize dry chapped skin. Animals with skin conditions tend to respond extremely well to our Topical CBD Products.