PurityRelief™ Topical CBD Balm (500mg) Plus Menthol

PurityRelief™ Topical CBD Balm (500mg) Plus Menthol

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Ready to find relief? PurityRelief CBD Topical Balm is exactly what your body needs to help feel relief from aches and pains, fast.

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Our Best-Selling PurityRelief CBD Topical Balm offers...

  • Immediate relief from body pain, aches, and soreness related to injuries, arthritis, age, and more.

  • A luscious, non-greasy formula that melts into your skin, providing fast-acting relief and a myriad of benefits.

Essential Ingredients, Maximum Effectiveness

Purity CBD Topical Balm is formulated with high-quality essential oils, each oil was chosen specifically to help you find the relief you’re looking for, faster than you thought possible.

Essential Oils in PurityRelief include...

  • Marjoram for movement. When it comes to body aches and pains, one of the best ways to help your body heal itself is to get moving. In Chinese Medicine, staying put (a.k.a. stagnation) hinders the body’s healing process. That’s where Marjoram comes in. By moving stag-nation from the soft tissues and helping with releasing muscle tension, this essential oil may contribute to pain relief.

  • Cypress for detox. When it comes to healing, your body is tasked with moving excess fluid and lymph from soft tissue and joints to facilitate the decrease of swelling. Cypress, an essential oil made from the Cypress tree, helps the body do this by promoting the process of cleansing and detox.

  • Helichrysum for prevention. We couldn’t leave the Herculean hero, Helichrysum out of PurityRelief. Highly regarded for its anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, Helichrysum helps your body recuperate naturally.

  • Turmeric for joints. Turmeric is a rockstar in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine. The roots of this flowering plant are an essential part of PurityRelief, providing anti-inflammatory properties and joint support.

  • Tea Tree for zero infection. Last but certainly not least is Tea Tree, an essential oil that helps ward off infection and reduce skin irritations, thanks to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Purity CBD’s passion to provide wholesome, therapeutic grade products is our heart’s mission. Purity CBD Topical Balm is clean and free from chemicals, preservatives, parabens, and synthetic fragrances.

*Restricted to sell in CA.