3 Proven Ways To Harness The Power of CBD

Ok, myth busting time. The most frequently asked questions we get asked about Purity CBD and CBD in general, are: Isn’t that a drug? How do I even use CBD? These concerns are valid and normal. In fact, we love when people ask questions because we’ve found that misconceptions about CBD often get in the way of people trying it and, ultimately, finding relief. Let’s start with the first question. Does CBD make you feel intoxicated or high? No. CBD will not make you high. It’s not a psychoactive drug. CBD is one of the best natural remedies for a variety of ailments including arthritis, depression, insomnia, and anxiety.

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The widespread misconceptions around CBD, specifically the idea that it’s a min  d-altering substance, has deterred people who would benefit from it, from trying it. Don’t let this happen to you. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s tackle how to use CBD. There are several different methods for taking CBD and benefits and drawbacks to each one. Generally speaking, the three most common ways to take cannabidiol are: 1. Sublingual 2. Edibles 3. Topical Applications

1. Sublingual What it is: Sublingual, or taking CBD under the tongue, is one of the easiest, fastest-acting, bioavailable ways to use CBD oil.

How to use it: The traditional way to use CBD oil sublingually, is to put half to one full dropper under the tongue and hold it there for a minute. n Taste: Although this is the fastest method for absorbing CBD oil and reaping the benefits, some people dislike the “earthy” taste. If you use the oil sublingually and decide that the taste isn’t for you, don’t give up. Many say the taste is easily overcome by the positive results they experience.

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Another way to use Purity CBD oil is to mix the oil in with your own foods or drinks. Many enjoy mixing CBD in with their morning coffee or smoothie. You can really get creative and experiment with your own preferences and tastes. Just remember, taking your oil in food or drink takes longer for your body to absorb and process it. You’ll still get the effects of your CBD, it’ll just take a little longer to feel them.


2. Edibles What it is: Our best-selling Purity CBD gummies are delicious and provide the same relief as Purity CBD oil. The only difference besides the taste is that gummies (and any food/drink) take longer to be absorbed and processed by your body and for you to feel the relief you’re looking for, but still just as effective PurityRelief™ Topical CBD Balm (New strengths Available)

How to use it: Of all the forms of CBD, gummies are the most intuitive. Simply eat your specific dosage and enjoy! Potential drawbacks: The downside of edibles is that it may take longer for you to feel relief. It takes your digestive system longer to process and absorb food and drink, so gummies aren’t as fast-acting as sublingual, but just as effective Shop Gummies    

3. Topical Applications What it is: The third method of using CBD oil is through topical applications such as creams or lotions. There are a variety of different topical creams that can be helpful for different ailments including arthritis and sore muscles because of the anti-inflammatory qualities of the oil and our skin’s Endocannabinoid receptors working together.

How to use it: Simply rub the balm into the area you wish to get relief and wait for the CBD oil to be absorbed through the skin. Tips: If you’re worried about how your skin may react with the lotion, test it in a small area first before using it on a larger portion.


How Much CBD Should I Take? Don’t let dosage intimidate you. The goal for CBD is to find the least amount needed to achieve your desired effect. Remember, less is more when you’re starting out. When it comes to CBD, there are many factors to consider for finding the ideal dosage, including: • Intensity of symptoms • Age • Weight • Stress level • Your doctor’s recommendation* *As with any supplement you take, always consult with a health professional first, especially as CBD oil may interact with specific prescription medications. Your doctor can help you determine the appropriate dosage for you. Here’s a quick example of how to dose based on your weight: Those who weigh less than 130 pounds should start with no more than 11 mg per day and gradually work their way up to see desired results. If you weigh between 130 and 230 pounds, you should start with about 18 mg and if you weigh more than 230 pounds, you can start with about 23 mg per day and increase as needed.

Remember: The overall amount of CBD depends on a variety of factors, including the purity of CBD oil you’re using. This can impact exactly how much CBD you are getting with each dose. The example above illustrates the dosage by weight for Purity CBD. Not all CBD is created equal (link “equal” to Commitment to Purity page) and each company should have its own recommendations for dose.

Recommendations for Buying CBD Oil: • Look for products that are third-party tested for quality, effectiveness, and potency. This helps you steer clear of chemicals, pesticides, mold, and other nasty ingredients. • Buy CBD that is made in the United States. Purity CBD is sourced from a chemical-free, organic farm in Colorado. • Understand the process that your CBD oil goes through before you buy it. Minimal processing and clean extraction methods are vital to the quality and effectiveness of CBD. • The CBD you buy should have a batch number and an expiration date on the bottle or label. How to buy the best CBD on the market Ok, ok. You knew we were going to say it. Still, we have to remind you that if you’re searching for the highest-quality CBD, your search stops here. Purity CBD is the in purity—guaranteed. Purity CBD isn’t just our name, it’s our commitment to creating the best CBD oil products possible.