Our best practice is to make the highest quality CBD with Zero Hype.

Purity CBD is formulated for potency and effectiveness. Every part of our process, from hand-harvesting organic hemp to low-temperature processing ensures that each batch delivers the maximum benefit. Our small batches are third -party tested to ensure every single bottle is optimally effective.

Purity CBD is the highest-quality CBD available on the market. You don’t have to take our word for it. Just listen to our customers. Our repeat customer rate is almost unheard of at a whopping 83%. That’s 3 times the industry average!

How Did Things Get Off Track?

The truth is, CBD entered our marketplace through channels often associated with marijuana and other drugs. The CBD you grab at your local store may or may not even contain high-quality, hemp-based CBD. Remember the store selling the CBD didn’t make it and often folks selling it to the store didn’t make it either. So who made the CBD you are going to put into your body? .

The CBD industry as a whole is largely unregulated. So, you might be getting CBD that’s made in the United States, where it should be. Or, the CBD you get could be made in an overseas factory with little-to-no quality control. The latter could contain harmful or unnecessary additives like chemicals, pesticides and (wait for it) even mold. It’s no wonder why smart customers aren’t sure what to buy, where to buy or even if CBD works. Ultimately, in the end many folks ask themselves, “who made the CBD I’m about to put into my body?”

Real Quality Resulting in Real Relief