CBD in the Kitchen - Sunny Summer Lemon Cake

As CBD's use steadily increases in the United States, so does its use in the kitchen. Our team headed into the kitchen to create some useful tips and recipes. Follow along as we explore CBD in the kitchen and bake our first cake…

Tips for Cooking with CBD

CBD Cooking Musts

When determining how much CBD to infuse in oil, do NOT exceed your daily dose per serving. There is not a one-size dose. The dose most often used in cooking is 10 mg per serving. Before infusing CBD into your oil, look at the serving size on your recipe—Then calculate the amount of CBD to infuse into your cooking oil. Until you feel comfortable cooking with CBD and calculating the dosage, use less CBD oil.

CBD as an Ingredient

You may have just had an ah-ha moment. Since you are infusing CBD into cooking oils, in theory, you can include CBD into any recipe that uses oil as a fat. Correct and keep reading. We used the infused oil in both a traditional recipe and in a lemon cake box mix. (For those who need a fast hack) Cannabinoids bind with fats, so CBD works best when blended with other oil-based ingredients such as cooking oils such as olive oil or coconut oil. Yes, you will note a slightly earthy taste to your baked goods. Or your baked goods will pick up any flavoring within your CBD oil. Obviously, you need to let anyone that consumes your kitchen creations know that they do include CBD.

Infusing CBD in the Kitchen

If Cannabinoids bind with fat, how do you infuse CBD into your cooking fats? To find a simple way to infuse CBD into our cooking oil, we went to Leafly.com to watch this video.

The Sunny Lemon Cake

For our first cake, we wanted to start with something easy; so, we picked a Sunny Summer Lemon Cake.  We used the Purity Original Flavor oil. We decided to bake a lemon cake because it goes well with any of the Purity flavors. We also decided to bake a lemon cake because there are many recipes for lemon bundt cake. We found this recipe on the Food Network website. We picked it because it contains olive oil, perfect for infusing with CBD. We baked this cake in a vintage pan. CBD infused cake batter Also, we baked a lemon cake with a box mix found at any grocery store. The box mix called for vegetable oil; so, we infused the oil with CBD. CBD infused cake CBD infused Lemon Cake  We found that both the vintage recipe cake and the box mix cake were very moist (Remember that CBD binds with oil). We suggest greasing your pans the old-fashioned way—butter and flour. Also, let the cakes cool completely before releasing them from the pans. We served the cake slices with edible flowers, mint, and fresh fruit. edible-flowers The next time we head to the Purity kitchen, we will be making fresh fruit smoothies. Sign up for our newsletter, and we'll see you then…