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Order not complete

Sadly only 1 of 2 items were delivered. I’ve reached out via email but haven’t heard back. Disappointed.

Life changing

Before consuming this CBD oil, I was having chronic anxiety that caused lack of sleep, sadness/depression and picnic attacks. Once I began taking this CBD, I swear my life has changed. The biggest one is the sleep patterns. Im now able to sleep well, without waking up multiple times during the night worrying and stressing. My mood is more positive and I've also noticed my anxiety is much more manageable. My fiancé has also noticed a significant change in me. I highly recommend it.

Really Helps With Pain

I have severe pain following an accident and surgery. I did not want to use strong medication and I am sensitive to nsaids. CBD oil and ointment helps greatly.

Changed my life

Wow! What a difference! This is a must-try CBD Balm. Highly recommend

Always great

We’ve been using these gummies for years to help with focus. Great taste and work wonderfully.