Top 5 Misconceptions about CBD

If you have been thinking about using CBD, you have probably heard a few CBD misconceptions out there. There is endless information available for all things health related and CBD is no exception. The most important part of researching your CBD questions is to find a reliable source, as well as consulting your physician before starting any new treatment options. These are the top misconceptions about CBD:
  1. CBD is illegal

Though not all states have clear guidelines about the use of CBD, The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, which was signed into law in 2018, changed the definition of marijuana to exclude “hemp”, or plant material that contains 0.3 percent or less delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis. Hemp, including hemp plants and cannabidiol (CBD) preparations at or below the 0.3 percent delta-9 THC threshold, is not considered a controlled substance.
  1. CBD will result in a failed drug test and can get me high

CBD is not psychotropic and does not contain THC or contain enough THC to cause psychoactive feelings or experiences (feeling high). According to Harvard Health Publishing, Isolate CBD contains 0% THC and therefore will not cause a failed drug test. Full Spectrum CBD contains THC levels within or below legal limits.
  1. CBD has to be smoked

There are multiple ways to experience the benefits of CBD that are not smoking. CBD oil can be swallowed or held under your tongue before swallowing. It can be eaten via edibles or mixed into food and drinks. You can also rub oil onto your skin. Additionally, there are new products coming out constantly, such as lip balms, candy, tea, and shampoo/conditioner. CBD can also be vaped. Medical Marijuana Inc. offers seven common ways to use CBD.
  1. CBD is only for sick people or with a prescription

While you do not need a prescription to begin using CBD, you should talk to your doctor before starting any new treatments, especially if you have a serious medical condition or are taking prescription medications. Studies from Medical News Today have shown that CBD can be used for cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, and seizures, but it is also useful for helping treat sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and stress.
  1. CBD takes a long time to work or doesn’t work at all

The time it takes to feel the effects of CBD depends on a few factors: your body composition and the method of consumption. For example, using CBD oil under your tongue will allow you to feel the effects sooner because it is absorbing directly into your system as opposed to eating a gummy, which could take around 30 minutes. The amount of time it takes to feel the effects of CBD, no matter how it is consumed, will vary by individual. Make sure to consult a physician before starting CBD if you have a serious medical condition or are on prescription medications. Your personal experience with any CBD product may vary based on your weight, age, or prescription medications you are currently taking. Dosage amounts can also vary, and it may take some time to find out what works best for you. Find out which CBD product is right for you here. Purity CBD is the highest quality CBD available. Experience our hand-crafted, small batch products today and see how you can experience relief with CBD.