Which CBD Products Fit Your Need?

Relieve Anxiety, Pain, and Aid Sleep with the Right Solution

Are you new to CBD or considering the option for stress, depression, sleep assistance, or pain management? If you are wondering which CBD product fits your needs, we are here to provide information and tips. If you are considering adding CBD to your health regime, you are not alone. CBD is beginning to displace some traditional medications. More than one in five current CBD consumers (22%) said they have replaced a medication with CBD. — The CBD Insider 2019 Survey An easy way to pick the ideal product is to first consider your goal. Here’s an example. If you wish to use a CBD product to ease anxiety, you will want to find a CBD Tincture.  For many, the fast-acting oil can quickly reduce the onset of a panic attack. Keep reading as we provide a list of CBD products, outline their benefits, and provide tips.

How Do CBD Products Work?

CBD products offer a "Pure, Potent, and Impactful" CBD experience. Follow along as we outline 4 Top CBD Products.


CBD Tinctures

CBD Tinctures are fast-acting and come in a wide variety of strengths and flavors. Although it is fast-acting, as you place the oil under your tongue with a dropper, some dislike the taste and find it hard to administer a consistent dose. But, if you are looking for a fast-acting solution, this may be your best choice. Make sure you choose CBD products with easy-to-understand instructions provided on all Purity packaging provides ease and confidence to add the tincture to your day.


CBD Gummies/Edibles

CBD Edibles contain pre-measured doses, are easy to carry, and are also tasty. The positive effect lasts longer with an edible as the CBD is slowly released. One of our top sellers in the segment is the gummy products. The edible sector also includes CBD infused beverages, such as tea. Edible fans often purchase pre-made beverages, and some craft their own favorite recipes including CBD oils.


CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals include creams and muscle rubs. Topicals are quickly becoming a top-seller in this heath management segment. Many new customers start their path to pain management with a topical. If you suffer from arthritic pain or are maintaining an aggressive sports training schedule, this is your product. (Or perhaps your weekend plans leave you in pain on Monday morning.) What’s the best type of CBD product to fit your needs?  First, set your health goal, and then match it to a CBD solution.